Wordpress website development

How do you define WordPress development?

WordPress is a tool used to create a variety of websites. Technically speaking WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQ. Since January 2015 WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites.

Being free and easy to use, why do I need a professional for my WordPress development?

Even though many can use WordPress, even without being experts, and since it’s an open source CMS, anyone with some basic Internet skills can use WordPress to build websites, professional developers will create high-quality websites and the difference is more than apparent when it comes to appearance as well as functionality.

So, what will a WordPress development company do that I can't?

A WordPress developer has the ability to make custom plugins and modules for WordPress as well as develop a theme around WordPress. Meaning that a wordpress website development expert is someone who understands WordPress on a whole and is knowledgable on its core functions as well as the details of it; an expert knows how the entire thing works.

Why Techvisionsolutions as your WordPress website development expert?

At Techvisionsolution our WordPress development experts base their expertise on the infrastructure of PHP programming while having a deep understanding of the WordPress core, library and other common practices to produce great WP based products.

We have the ability to develop high quality WordPress Plugins and themes, while paying attention to functionality by ensuring they work properly in all environments and overcoming any basic conflicts with other popular themes and plugins. This is no easy feat and requires deep WordPress knowledge in combination with PHP skills.

WordPress website development may seem to be a tool which can be used by anyone regardless of technical knowledge and computer skills, however, the ability to create a website is not the ultimate goal in itself, the goal is to create a high quality website which boasts its most important feature, functionality.

At Techvisionsolutions we will take it upon ourselves to create a WordPress based website which suits your company's needs regarding design, colors, fonts and formats but also and most importantly a website that can answer to all your functionality needs, which greatly differ from company to company.

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